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Laboratory service


A family-business promise

High quality standards are very important to us. Through our own laboratory analysis, we can ensure that our delivered distillates always have a consistently excellent quality. Our trained staff at Christoph Dürr GmbH ensures quick and high-quality examination of the old substances and regenerates.
In addition to determinations of the water and halogen content and the achievable yield, boiling curves are also prepared ahead of distillation. The latest technology in our laboratory allows us to carry out a small sample distillation and to check whether the sample material is suitable for our distillative processing. Gas chromatographic analyses to determine the purity and the ingredients contribute to continuous quality improvement.

If the solvent mixture is not suitable for the distillative thermal-separation process, our quality management will find an alternative recycling or disposal option for you. We are of course happy to assist you with waste disposal and verification.
If you have questions about sample distillation or about one of your samples that has already been delivered, our laboratory management will be happy to help.
Christopher Kühnl | Laboratory Management

  Product examples
Ketones Acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexanone
Alcohols Isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, methanol, butanol
Ester Butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, methyl acetate
Aromatics Xylene, toluene
Cold-cleaning solvents White spirit 100/140, 180/210, special benzine 80/110
Thinners Brush cleaner, vanity cleaner, paint thinner
Chlorinated Trichlorethylene, perchlorethylene, dichloromethane
Hydrocarbons dichloromethane
Washout solutions Washout solutions for block and flexo printing

You are welcome to send us a sample at any time for special mixtures that you want to dispose of or distill. Our laboratory will prepare an analysis report to determine the components and to check if the substance is suitable for distillation. Otherwise, we can dispose of your mixtures reliably and quickly.

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